Whether small, medium or large - employers are required to follow a variety of national, state and local workplace laws that: 

  • Prohibit many forms of workplace discrimination or harassment
  • Legally require payment of certain wages or overtime compensation to employees or 
  • Require employers to provide workers time-off for certain disability, medical or family leave

Implementing up-to-date preventative policies and training is an essential way for employers to comply with workplace laws and helps avoid or mitigate employee claims or lawsuits.

Navigating the workplace laws applicable to your company can be complex. Employers often unknowingly fail to maintain and implement employment policies and procedures, which can expose them to potentially expensive legal battles. 

With over 15 years of experience in employment-law practice, Attorney Lauren G. Dreilinger can assist your company by: 

  • Assessing the federal, state or local workplace laws applicable to your company,
  • Reviewing, revising, or updating your company’s existing workplace policies or procedures,
  • Crafting legally required and other types of preventative workplace policies & procedures,
  • Creating employee workplace policy handbooks,
  • Providing training for managers on workplace laws & polices such as sexual or racial harassment,
  • Instructing employees on your workplace polices & procedures, or
  • Representing your company on administrative charges before the EEOC, Department of Labor or other government agencies.

To learn more about your company’s obligations under workplace laws and how preventative policies, procedures, or trainings can help your company avoid legal exposure and make your workplace more productive, call or e-mail Attorney Lauren G. Dreilinger. You can also use our online CONTACT page.